Traditional Tattoos

Traditional Tattoos

When we think Traditional (Old School) tattoos we’re immediately brought to popular flash sheets made famous by artists like Sailor Jerry, timeless, retro, vintage and totally rad. For us, they’re a nod to a time in history, a symbol of freedom, expression and tattoo heritage. Using dark, heavy line strokes, minimal shading and a solid colour palate of red, green, yellow and blue, this style is kept simple intentionally.

Technically ‘Old School’ refers to the style in which the tattoo is applied while ‘Traditional’ refers to the content but the names have become one in the same. In the Continental U.S. the imagery were things like anchors, daggers, swallows, eagles, pin-ups and roses to name few, mostly created for the sailors in the early 20th century returning home from tour.

Back when the movement started, tattooing was not considered a true art form and its credibility was in dispute. Over time the industry has grown with new artists pushing the development of techniques, equipment and tattoo design. Nevertheless, the Traditional style has always remained, a constant form of inspiration to a new generation of artists and collectors.

Adam Farmer and Tyler Payne are resident artists that draw direct inspiration from this style, the guys are both available from next week – please contact [email protected] to secure a slot.

Check out this feature length documentary exploring the roots of American tattooing through the life of its most iconoclastic figure, Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins.
Some more trad from the studio

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