Currently the UK is undergoing a shift towards monitored regulations of the tattoo industry. TOKYOTATTOO® has volunteered to take part in Britain’s Tattoo Hygiene Rating Scheme. Similar to the food hygiene rating; the implementation of the tattoo scheme will help raise standards across the industry, and inform the public about hygiene standards in premises supported by the Tattoo and Piercing Industry Union as well as the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

Initial Medical Signature Range

Redefining washroom and studio hygiene standards. We are the first studio to implement the entire range. The range combines style with functionality, designed with clean, seamless curves the signature range offers products that deliver high standards of hygiene whilst blending effortlessly into the studio.

Purehold Hygiene Handle

A unique, revolutionary pull door handle that automatically dispenses sanitizing gel installed in our washroom facilities as used in many NHS and private hospitals. The only studio in the UK using this product to date.

Dyson hand dryers

the Airblade, Airblade V and the new innovative Airblade Tap hand dryer for all our toilets and wash facilities. Validated by the British Skin foundation as the fastest and most hygienic hand dryer on the market. Plus we use the Dyson fan technology in the studio.


A hygienic solution for disposing of tattooist dirty water and ink caps, we are part of the BLKPowder Pro Team, and currently there only sponsored studio.