Our Equipment

TOKYOTATTOO® believes in using only the best equipment, materials and products within the studio ensuring that artists have a calm and creative environment to work within while also providing customers with a relaxing, comfortable and luxurious place to be tattooed. After all, getting a tattoo can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 9 hours. This can be a long time to sit in a single place. To help us create this atmosphere we only use brands we trust. Some of which include:

Eternal Ink

Eternal pigments are one of the best tattoo inks in the world. The label of the ink contains all of the legal information according to the European Regulations. Ink Batch numbers and expiry dates are important to create a recorded trail of product used within each tattoo to trace every step of the tattoo process.

TATSoul Tattoo Furniture

TATSoul specialises in creating the highest quality tattoo furniture for all tattoo needs. Their goal is to bring the user the most functional, modern, and aesthetically pleasing products on the market.


Exceptional metal posters created by an amazing group of artists that are part of their community and whom consumers support by buying Displates.

Sonos & Spotify

A complete music system allowing the studio to change music to customer preference.

Apple iMacs & iPads

For artist and customer use, the ultimate in performance and design.